MicroDigits Document Capture System


Periodically increasing of business transactions makes the trend of using digital and electronic means to store information and paper documents is essential to improve the functioning of various transactions to reach desired results and avoid many common mistakes which can be occurred by traditional human ways. Also, these modern methods help the business cycle and access to customers' information in the fastest time.


MicroDigits Document Capture System is one of the most important provided solutions for improving the performance of a broad range of archiving and storage processes by scanning.

Benefits using MicroDigits Document Capture System

User friendly

Easy to use

Easy training for using this software and knowing its strategy for categorization and storage.

Reduces Costs

Reduce Costs

Low cost instead of high cost of papers and its attachments.

Reduce errors

Reduce errors

Reduce errors within workflow of any operation and transaction.



Flexible use of software anytime and anywhere.

Automated Capturing solution

Automated Capturing solution

Digitalis all paper documents by scan process and store it by technological methods.
Automated index for documents and information and that leads to fast retrieval when searching across the network to get any information for any customer.

MicroDigits Document Capture System KEY-FEATURES

  • Treatment with internet services as Email and Fax attachments.
  • Scan batches of documents at the same time and categorize each batch.
  • Smart documents and information sharing.
  • High capacity of fast capture.
  • Easy information access for authorized users.

MicroDigits Document Capture System SCREEN SHOTS

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