About MicroDigits Services


In microdigits, our main goal is to help our clients reach the highest level of proficiency. We search for perfection. This could be achieved through the services we offer, which helps you broaden your business, your sales and your market. We try to meet our customers’ needs in a very professional way.


With a professional vision and long experience in the market, Microdigits as a leading company in the field of software solutions, offers unique and professional services not only locally, but in the Middle East. Those services are offered to help you increase your productivity and extend your business.


Documents Archiving Services

Microdigits Document archiving services can supply your business with the best solution of storing the files in a digital format. Microdigits archiving system has the latest upgrades of security to ensure that your data will be safe and secure, so you can guarantee the integrity of your stored files and documents. You will not only have a paperless organization but you will achieve your responsibility towards the environment and become eco-friendly.

Business ِِِAnalysis and Consultation Services

Microdigits business analysis and consultation services guide you to the best solutions you can use in your organization. At microdigits, we have a professional analysts and consultants with years of experience in the field of software, and we offer solutions that can help you reduce the procedural crises within your organization, while increasing the efficiency of the whole operation of your organization.

Data Migration Services

Through microdigits data migration services you can guarantee that the increasing volume of your business’s data and legacy data is proceed and accommodate with the new systems within the organization securely. Data migration services include archiving solutions, data adaptation solutions, Data Architecting and data Extraction and Synchronization services.  

Technology Services

Microdigits focus on the development of your business through its technology services, and executing the solutions of not only enterprises but small and medium levels also. We try to offer services that help our clients to gain profit of their investments, while reducing the costs and guaranteeing a positive growth. Technology services of microdogits include Program Management, Technology Consulting, Solution Architecture, Architecture Management & Implementation, Training & Support Activities, Service Level Management and Hosting & Managed Services.

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