Work Cycle and Following up Income and Outgoing

Work Cycle and Following up Income and Outgoing

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The terms are many but the goal is the same … All of us have heard a lot of terms and expressions like following up income and outgoing, monitoring the transactions, managing tasks, or controlling workflow. Even these are too many terms but all of them refer to the same thing which is electronic archiving or document management system.

However, these document management systems may vary in its functionality, but the main goal of them all is to manage documents and follow up workflow in a total professional way to get a high quality result and the required productivity.

Moreover, archiving in general, even it is a paper-based archive or an electronic-based one, is that process that manages and saves documents to can be reached easily. Also, one can retrieve and index these documents whenever needed. However, this will absolutely impact work productivity, its sufficiency, and the profit as it decreases the use of papers and saves a lot of money.

However, it is worth to mention that the electronic archiving process is mainly depend on using and adding tags and metadata to each file to ease reaching it and differentiate each file while storing it.

Also, it is worth to mention that any document management system shall have many important characteristics like security and individual permission for the responsible persons only who have the authority to view documents and edit it. This feature saves the confidentiality of documents, allows the management to monitor workflow, and knows who edit a certain document in which timing.

Consequently, it became vital to have another integrated program to connect archiving processes with document management systems. That’s why, the “Enterprise Resource Management” system appeared and became vital as it manages everything needed about employees and their history.


It is worth to mention that document management systems back to the eighties. Moreover, nowadays, these systems became one of the main things that shall be in any organization to save money, time, and to increase the productivity of the work.

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