What is the Importance of Archiving?

What is the Importance of Archiving?

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Whether you prefer to go paperless and automates your office or prefer to stick to papers, it is vital to have and know the importance of archiving. But before stating the importance of archiving. It is worth to know the meaning of archiving.

Archiving refers to the process of moving documents, records, contracts, or any other materials that have not been no longer used or even important currently to another long-term-retention place.

In the following few lines, MicroDigits will tackle the important aspects of archiving and why it is a necessity method nowadays.

1- Importance of Archiving

  • Save the confidential documents,
  • Ability to access, copy, modify, and control data,
  • Ability to retrieve documents whenever needed,
  • Save data from loss,
  • Security system for authorized individuals.

2- Benefits of Archiving

  • Ability to control, monitor, and manage information processes,
  • Ability to locate and secure data,
  • Ease business functions and increase the productivity of the employees,
  • Save time and money,
  • Manage the entire records circle,
  • Improve the service quality which consequently affects the customer satisfaction,
  • Having a secure disposal when it is expired,
  • Having a secure and reliable access to your records.


No one can deny that archiving is an important method that helps in managing and improving not only the productivity of the work but also it improves the customer satisfaction. However, as a business owner, it is vital to know the benefits of any new method before applying it.

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