Know more about Software Documentation

Most of us are used to the term “Documentation” and know exactly what it is and why it is important. However, there is another term that is vital for any business. It is called “ Software Documentation ” which helps in maintaining any project.

Software documentation refers to the instructional manual or the brochure that eases, facilitates, and explains the use of a software product or service. This type of documentation can include marketing documentation, end user documentation, design documentation, etc.

In the following few lines, MicroDigits will tackle the importance and the benefits of documentation and software documentation.

Why Software Documentation is Important?

  1. It improves the workflow as it helps in sharing the business goals among the managers and the whole team,
  2. End user documentation helps the user to identify and know the features of the programs,
  3. It provides facts not just “opinions” about the product or the service.

Benefits of Documentation for the Organization

  1. Reduce operational ambiguity. It explains and specify the tasks of each person and who is supposed to do what and the best way to achieve a certain process,
  2. It helps the marketing and the sales teams to know more about the organization and how they can help the customer and make real promises,
  3. Increasing and building a value for the whole company as documentation makes it easy to understand the processes of a company and therefore determining its value,
  4. Increase the collaboration between the employees,
  5. It helps the new hired employees to quickly adapt and know the habits of the company.


Documentation in general and software documentation in particular are two major terms or ways to improve the quality of the business and allow you to handle and manage your business perfectly.

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